COVID-19: Atlas Sets the Record Straight, by Douglas Andrews

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December 15, 2021
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December 16, 2021

By Douglas Andrews, Patriot Post, Dec. 15, 2021

Dr. Scott Atlas, a former adviser to Trump, has a lot to say about national policy and the bureaucrats who ran it off the rails.

“It’s easy to criticize, but they’re really criticizing science because I represent science. That’s dangerous. To me, that’s more dangerous than the slings and the arrows that get thrown at me. I’m not going to be around here forever, but science is going to be here forever. And if you damage science, you are doing something very detrimental to society long after I leave. And that’s what I worry about.”

So said Dr. Anthony Fauci last month. Fauci, of course, is the man most responsible for U.S. COVID-19 policy and all the miseries associated with it. And what could be more telling of his thin skin and his arrogance, and his desire to silence those who would second-guess him?

Easy there, pal. When you tangle with Tony Fauci, you’re tangling with science. …

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