COVID, Catholics and Conscience, by Michael Warsaw

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August 23, 2021
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August 23, 2021

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A NOTE FROM OUR PUBLISHER: We must both rightly form our conscience and also defend our freedom to use it.

By Michael Warsaw, EWTN News, August 20, 2021

Michael WarsawAs uncertainty grows over the rise of Delta-variant COVID-19 cases in the United States, one fact is abundantly clear: Divisions over how best to deal with the spread of the virus are deeper than ever.

A glance at the patchwork of U.S. state policies across the nation related to the recent coronavirus surge demonstrates the stark divides. Washington state, for example, announced Aug. 18 that all teachers and staff in any public, charter or private school would be required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of employment. To the opposite extreme, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order July 29 that banned government entities from requiring vaccinations. The governor has also prohibited school districts from issuing mask mandates. As many as 14 states have mask mandates either for everyone or for the unvaccinated. The District of Columbia and 21 states have some form of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. By the end of July, states introduced more than 155 legislative measures to ban employer-mandated vaccines, school mandates or vaccine passports. …

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