Creating a Home — Not Just a House, by Bridget McCartney Nohara

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June 5, 2023
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‘Feels Like Home’ is a source of inspiration in the home of Bridget McCartney Nohara. (photo: Bridget McCartney Nohara photos)

By Bridget McCartney Nohara, EWTN News, June 4, 2023

Bridget McCartney Nohara Bridget McCartney Nohara, a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, writes from Ontario, Canada.


‘Feels Like Home’ speaks beyond the four walls.

Bridget McCartney NoharaAs a lifelong lover of home design and the essence of “home” itself, stumbling upon Feels Like Home (Abrams Books, 2021) by Lauren Liess a few weeks ago at my local library simply made sense.

Taking the book from the shelf, I quickly lost myself in the tranquil image on the cover: a lush plant breathing life into a room; a cloud-like couch, begging to be reclined upon; and heaps of natural light flooding the space.

I flipped through a few pages, discerning if it was worth checking out. By my quick survey (and much to my surprise), I spotted the Blessed Mother prominently, albeit humbly, on a living room mantle. This was unusual for a secular home-design book. Intrigued, I concluded this book would come home with me for the next two weeks. …

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