Crisis Magazine: No Blue Wave Yet Troubles Are Ahead

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November 7, 2018
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November 7, 2018

By Bruce Frohnen, Crisis Magazine, November 7, 2018

Last night’s election returns were not a total disaster for people of faith, or for Catholics in particular. Republicans actually increased their majority in the Senate, which means that President Trump’s uniformly textualist judicial nominees will continue to be confirmed. That’s very good news for the Constitution, and with it for people committed to norms of religious liberty and human life that are deeply embedded in that document and in our traditions. What is more, a bare majority of Democrats in one House of Congress will not be capable of producing any outpouring of legislation aimed at undermining limited government in general or the rights of the faithful in particular.

That said, we should not be sanguine about the next two years in American politics and government. Even a small Democratic majority means that the Committee Chairs in the House of Representatives will be taken over by the likes of Maxine Waters and Jerrold Nadler. These ideologues will, of course, do everything in their power to further a radical agenda on both social and economic issues, and to undermine and ultimately impeach President Trump. Many observers see this as a good thing because they believe such selfish, extreme tactics will backfire. And they may be right. That said, the result will be even more anger and bitterness in our politics, the possibility for even more political violence and, almost without doubt, legislative gridlock….continue reading…