Crisis Magazine: What Socialism Owes Christianity

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November 29, 2018
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November 29, 2018

By David Byrne, Crisis Magazine, November 28, 2018

Today, socialism and Christianity are considered antagonistic movements. Most socialists aren’t Christian and most Christians aren’t socialist. Yet analysis reveals a striking congruence. And the similarities between Christianity and socialism are not coincidences. They are influences. Christianity, after all, is the most powerful intellectual movement the Western world has seen. It furnished the Western mind with idea of equality.

Christians worship the immaterial, transcendent God. He is the source of all goodness and justice. The morally righteous seek him; the happy find him. The best political systems bow to God. Socialists value equality above all. It is their Holy of Holies, before which everything else must bow. The morally righteousness seek equality; the happy find it. All political systems must promote equality. The struggle is intense. For Christians, God (good) struggles against Satan (evil) for supremacy. The modern socialist interprets the world in the same way: A (class) struggle rages between poor (good) and rich (bad). The fate of humanity rests in the balance.

The Christian wants to bind man to God; The socialist wants to bind man to man…..continued reading…