Critical Race Theory Illuminates Democrats’ Master Plan To End Honest Elections In America, by Chuck DeVore

Mandatory Politics, by Rodney Pelletier
May 7, 2021
Germany: On the Brink of Schism, by Michele M. McAloon
May 7, 2021

Those defending the traditional American view of elections—free, open, and by secret ballot—don’t recognize the nature of the opposition.

By Chuck DeVore, The Federalist, May 6, 2021

Chuck DeVoreHow rights are viewed—individual or collective—explains today’s sharp disagreement over the rules for running elections, both in Congress and in states considering election integrity bills.

Democrats—specifically the dominant extremist variety—view rights through the collective lens of race. Critical race theory (CRT), based in Marxism, is essential to understanding their objectives. CRT holds that personage is irrelevant and the immutable trait of race is paramount.

Thus, by definition, all politics are “identity politics,” as declared by University of California at Berkeley School of Law professors Ian Haney-Lopez and Cheryl I. Harris, the co-founders of critical race studies at UCLA School of Law, during a roundtable last October on CRT and the 2020 election. …

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