Cupich/Gómez Spat Reveals Divide in USCCB, by Declan Leary

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January 22, 2021
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By Declan Leary, Crisis Magazine, Jan. 22, 2021

Mr. Leary is the Collegiate Network Fellow at The American Conservative and a graduate of John Carroll University.

Declan LearyCardinal Cupich was not happy on Wednesday.
 He probably should have been; after all, the end of the Trump presidency was supposed to be a joyous day for denizens of the Left like Cupich. But the celebration was spoiled for the most vocal of the USCCB’s left-wing bishops because of a statement issued by USCCB President Archbishop José Gómez of Los Angeles. Cupich went into a tirade on Twitter, calling it “an ill-considered statement on the day of President Biden’s inauguration.” According to Cardinal Cupich, it was issued without the customary “collegial consultation” of the USCCB Administrative Committee by Gómez.

The statement from Archbishop Gómez opens with an assurance that the prelate’s “prayers are with our new President and his family.” If anything, the tone may be a bit too amiable for some. But this is entirely appropriate. We should be praying for Joe Biden, we must pray for Joe Biden. He needs it.  …