CWN: Did Vatican Decline Pope-Biden Meeting?

‘Synagogue of Satan’, by Paul Brock
June 16, 2021
Conservatism’s Inevitable Conversion to Catholicism 2021, by Jessica Kramer
June 16, 2021

Vatican. Photo by Aliona & Pasha from Pexels

By Catholic World News, June 15, 2021

US President Joe Biden sought to meet with Pope Francis on June 15, but the Vatican turned down the request, according to a report from Catholic News Agency (CNA).

Citing a “reliable Vatican source,” CNA said that President Biden—who was in Brussels for meetings with NATO and European Union leaders—had hoped to travel to Rome for an early-morning Mass celebrated by the Pontiff on Tuesday, before flying to Geneva for meetings later in the day.

The US embassy to the Vatican denied the story. A public-relations officer there told the National Catholic Reporter: “President Biden has no plans to visit Rome or Vatican City this week.” …

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