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November 5, 2021
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Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers/Alvaro Aguayo

Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers is in theaters December 1-10, but more dates could be added.

By Nancy Flory, The Stream, November 4, 2021

For more information on the film, including dates and times of the showing, go to Fathom Events.

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Dallas Jenkins’ upcoming film Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers will be in theaters early next month, just in time for Christmas. Jenkins, the son of author Jerry Jenkins, brought to life the birth and ministry of Jesus Christ four years ago through the crowdfunded television series The ChosenThe Chosen is now in its second season.

“I want people to walk away with a deeper appreciation for what happened 2,000 years ago,” explains the movie’s executive producer, Derral Eves. The stable “wasn’t made for a king, you know, but that’s where the King of kings was born. I just want people to see an authentic look of that and to walk away with a deeper appreciation for Jesus.” …

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