Dan Bongino: Liberals ‘Quietly Know They’re Not Right’ on Abortion

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Photo:  Radio personality Dan Bongino filled in for Mark Levin on Levin’s nationally syndicated radio talk show Wednesday. (Screenshot)

By Max Augros, CNSNews, July 12, 2018

Max AugrosOn Mark Levin’s nationally syndicated radio talk show Wednesday, special guest host Dan Bongino remarked on Democrats’ recent warnings that a more conservative U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade, suggesting that they “quietly know they’re not right” on abortion.

“If you’ve convinced so many people that your pro-abortion stance is right, again, why are you so worried?” Dan Bongino asked of liberals on Mark Levin’s nationally syndicated radio show. “Ladies and gentleman, they’re worried because I think they quietly know they’re not right.”

Bongino’s comments come after President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court last Monday. Trump promised to nominate pro-life judges during the 2016 presidential campaign. The White House will look for the Senate to confirm and appoint the president’s nominee in time for the Supreme Court’s next term, which begins on Oct. 1.

Below is a transcript of Dan Bongino’s commentary on Mark Levin’s show Wednesday:

“If we can stack the courts with a bunch of liberals pretending to be judges – really politicians in black robes – if we can just convince that one judge to implement what we couldn’t implement ourselves, a national abortion policy. They couldn’t pass that. ‘Oh, abortion, it’s settled law.’ Really? If it’s so settled, why are you so worried about Roe v. Wade? No I’m serious. Why are you so terrified about Roe v. Wade if it’s settled law?

“If, if, if what you believe – the pro-abortion crowd out there – if what you believe is so widely accepted to be true, moral , ethical, and legal, then why are you so worried that it’s so tenuous that just one person could possibly overturn it? Why is this always your scare tactic? Maybe because there’s no popular mandate at all for what you’re talking about and you needed the judges to push that through?

“Ladies and gentlemen, you realize that when there’s a popular mandate for things, there is absolutely no need to stack the courts with liberals to keep it. You need an example? Let me give you an obvious one. You know, sometimes stories and analogies work better here. To prove to you how threatened liberals are by their crap agenda and the fact that there’s zero popular mandate for it that it’s so – it can slip away [snaps fingers] like that, in the snap of a finger – because they can’t convince people what they’re telling you is true.

“Think about something now that we all accept is universally true, that it doesn’t matter, we can all agree, if a liberal, a, Green Party member, conservative, libertarian, Republican appointed a judge it wouldn’t matter at all: school segregation. Can we all agree that was a stain on our country? Of course! It’s taken as a default. Even asking the question’s absurd.

“But do you see the point I’m making? That’s not a Republican idea or a Democrat idea. That’s a human idea. We don’t segregate people on skin color. It was a stain on our country. It was a stain everywhere it happened. Nobody’s [indecipherable]—

“Now, of course, liberals will say stupid things like: ‘If you elect the Republicans’ — by the way, they were the party who actually fought segregation, but now I’m not even going to get into that right now because it’s just playing into stupid liberal talking points. No, but no serious person – which really discounts liberals – no serious person actually believes that whether a Republican or Democrat or liberal or a conservative appoints a judge that anyone’s going to go back to de jure segregation in schools. That’s unadulterated idiocy, in other words, liberal talking points, which is the same thing. That’s something we all accept as being a moral stain on our society. They, that’s not changing ever. We are never, thank God, reverting back to that.

“But if what you’re saying about the termination of life in the womb, if you’re so confident that you have a popular mandate for this and that everybody agrees with you, that this is how people feel, then why are you so terrified that every judicial appointment is going to overturn it? Popu— Nobody in the United States would allow that to happen – the, returning to segregation – ever. Nobody. No serious person, regardless of the political label in front of their name, who had an ounce of morals or ethics would let that happen.

“But there are a lot, me included by the way, of really – well I don’t want talk about myself as being good, but I’m talking about you – good people out there who understand the damage that the termination of life in the womb does. And we have very, very serious objections to some national mandate on it. If you’ve convinced so many people that your pro-abortion stance is right, again, why are you so worried? Ladies and gentleman, they’re worried because I think they quietly know they’re not right.”