David Daleiden Wins a Lawsuit Filed Against Him for Exposing Planned Parenthood, by Tom Ciesielka

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December 16, 2022
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December 16, 2022

By Tom Ciesielka, LifeNews, Dec 15, 2022

Washington, DC – Thomas More Society attorneys have secured a settlement of the lawsuit filed against David Daleiden and the University of Washington (“UW”) over Daleiden’s public records requests for documents relating to UW’s national clearinghouse for the fetal tissues and organs of aborted babies. The federal district court allowed the settlement yesterday, clearing the way to end a six-year legal battle that included three appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit was originally brought by an anonymous group of abortion and aborted fetal tissue workers in August 2016, in response to Daleiden’s February 2016 request for documents about their taxpayer-funded programs at UW.

In the settlement, Daleiden secured an agreement to obtain significant additional public documents relating to the UW’s purchase, processing, and sale of the organs and tissue from aborted human fetuses.  …

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