Deep State ‘Very Real’ and Out to Get Trump, Says Author

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By J.M. Phelps, OneNewsNow, November 27, 2018

A book releasing today exposes a new player in the Deep State’s anti-Trump conspiracy to undermine a president that one of the authors ranks right up there with Ronald Reagan.

In their new book, Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State is Undermining the Presidency, Corey R. Lewandowski and David N. Bossie reveal the bureaucratic machine’s unwavering assault on the Trump presidency from within. They say that among the government bureaucrats, establishment officials, and other antagonists who have waged a full-blown war against President Donald J. Trump is James Baker – the FBI’s former top attorney.

Lewandowski, the former chief political adviser and campaign manager to President Trump, describes the president’s enemies in Washington, DC, as the “Deep State” and a “very real,” deeply entrenched threat.

“[They] are the individuals who work for the government across various agencies – including the executive office of the president – who attempt to thwart the president’s agenda,” he tells OneNewsNow. “[They are] the people who, historically, do not come in with each administration.”


The public is familiar with the names James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok – all examples from the Deep State who have been exposed in the media. But Lewandowski says the Deep State also includes “members of the intelligence community or the National Security Council or the State Department.” Many of them, he adds, are “unelected bureaucrats or unelected people who are supposed to be nonpartisan, but do everything in their power to stop this president’s ‘America First’ agenda.”

The Deep State, according to Lewandowski, has “done a very good job of getting into government agencies, whether it’s the Environmental Protection Agency or the Department of Labor,” for example. Those individuals, he explains, “put their biases aside while they are interviewing [for the job], but once they get in” they begin undermining the president. The author emphasizes: “They know how to slow processes down.”

Another problem arises when many of these people become government officials, Lewandowski explains. “There is no measure of success. You don’t have to continue to prove your worth – and as such, you continuously get promoted.”

Lewandowski contends the president has a growing number of enemies inside the Beltway – and it’s not just the hostile media and liberal Democrats. One such person the authors describe in the book is James Baker, whom they say “will be a major player in the conspiracy against President Trump.”

“James Baker, it is my belief – and I don’t want to reveal any sources – is a primary leak of classified information to the media,” Lewandowski discloses. “He served as the general counsel to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was their top attorney.” Yet, as the book states, he “provided documents to David Corn, Mother Jones‘ DC bureau chief,” about the phony dossier. “Mother Jones was the first media outlet to report on the phony dossier’s existence.”

Lewandowski adds that Baker is “someone who has had a long relationship with multiple members of the media and some of the information which the media [obtained] was classified [and] we know came out of the FBI.

“It is also my understanding that Jim Baker, as … the general counsel for the FBI, was speaking with reporters, which is a clear violation” of his responsibility to the FBI, because the information was classified as noted previously by Lewandowski.

Despite the intentions of people like Baker and others revealed in the book, Lewandowski is convinced Trump “has come to Washington, DC, as a change agent – and every day he’s in Washington, things are changing for the better for the American people.”

And while the Deep State is “doing everything they can to hold onto their power,” Lewandowski says Trump is fighting back. “In 2020, the American people are going … to return Donald Trump to Washington so that he can fight the unelected bureaucrats who for too long have made rules and regulations with no accountability,” he states.

“What this president campaigned on and what he’s now been able to accomplish greatly surpasses my hero, Ronald Reagan, in the first two years of his administration,” Lewandowski divulges. “He has governed as the conservative that he said he would” and “has done such a great job of governing as a conservative.”

If the president’s name was anything but Donald Trump, Lewandowski is certain “every member of the conservative movement in Washington would be praising him as someone who is right there, if not above, Ronald Reagan.” However, he adds, “because his name is Donald Trump, [a lot of] conservatives don’t give this president the credit he deserves.”