Defense of the Common Good or Collaboration with Evil? by Stephen Sammut, PhD

Identity Politics, The Opium of the People, by Carl R. Trueman
April 29, 2021
Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: The One Who Receives Me
April 29, 2021

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By Stephen Sammut, PhD, Crisis Magazine, April 29, 2021

Stephen Sammut, BPharm, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. …


One thing can be stated for certain—the COVID-19 scar on humanity will be clearly visible for many years to come. If immediate steps are not taken to counter the narrative of misinformation as well as the measures taken to supposedly reduce the impact of COVID-19 and their consequences, we risk impacting humanity permanently—physiologically, immunologically, neurologically, psychologically, socially, educationally, economically, politically, and realistically in every aspect of humanity that one can imagine.

As if this were not enough, as if the various abuses (if not crimes) perpetrated against humanity under the guise of preventing the spread of COVID-19, and for the sake of the “common good,” were not enough, the vaccines and the necessity to be vaccinated appear to now be emerging as the next assault on humanity. As always, these are generally disguised under the excuse of caring for one’s neighbor. Yet, as some situations have started to clearly reflect, the events we see continuing to unfurl around us, in addition to what has already taken place, are nothing other than crimes against humanity as they involve “egregious violations of human dignity” perpetrated by a “state actor” (and executed by various levels of authority), and constitute “a systematic or widespread attack against a civilian population,” and cause “great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.” …

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