Democrat Congressman: Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Just as Important as Free Speech, Religion, by Eric Scheiner

What is Woke Really About? by Victor Davis Hanson
July 29, 2021
Parents, It’s Time for Some Righteous Indignation, by Michael Brown
July 29, 2021

By Eric Scheiner, LifeNews, July 28, 2021

Washington, DCRep. Joseph Morelle (D-NY) took to the House floor Wednesday to argue for taxpayer dollars to kill babies. Morelle claimed it was a constitutional right and compared it with free speech and choosing a religion.

“I do note that in my home state of New York, we’ve made the decision for many years to support women in poverty who seek reproductive rights,” Morelle said.

“Rights are granted to us under the Constitution. Those rights are as fundamental as any other right guaranteed to us under the Constitution. But we don’t have economic tests for rights in the United States. So if you have a right, you have a right.” …

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