Did Pope John Paul II Cover Up Abuse? by Eric Sammons

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December 12, 2022
Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas: Cause of Our Joy
December 12, 2022

Recent accusations against Pope John Paul II revisit the difficult question of his actions in combatting the clerical sex abuse crisis.

Eric SammonsThe clerical sex abuse crisis hangs
 over the 21st century Catholic Church like a bad flu that won’t go away. Since the virus entered the public bloodstream in 2002, rarely does a month go by without some high-level figure in the Church being either indicted or associated with the scandal.

Now the focus returns to Pope John Paul II.

I say “returns” not because there has been previous evidence that the pontiff himself engaged in any abuse or directly covered up abuse under him, but because the whole scandal was rampant and then broke into the open under his long pontificate. Whether fairly or not, the scandal will always be attached in some way to the Polish pope. …

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