Dioceses Worldwide Halt Public Masses Amid Growing Fears of Coronavirus Spread, by Edward Pentin

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March 19, 2020
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Don Giuseppe Corbari celebrates Mass in front of portraits and selfies sent by his parishioners March 17 in Robbiano, Italy. Because of the restrictions for the coronavirus (COVID-19), he asked his faithful to send him photos that he has displayed on the church pews

Cardinal Robert Sarah stressed that, despite whatever restrictions that might be in place, “nobody, absolutely nobody, can prevent you from turning to God and asking for his help at this time of great trial.”

By Edward Pentin, EWTN News, 3/18/20

VATICAN CITY — One by one, episcopates around the world are instructing their priests to suspend public Masses as fears over the COVID-19 spread in tandem with government directives limiting social gatherings.

At least one diocese in the United States has gone so far as closing all of its churches, while an appeal has been launched in Rome to restart public celebrations of the Eucharist.

The decision has spread far and wide: After Hong Kong and Seoul canceled Masses in February, Italy’s bishops followed suit on March 8, giving a dispensation from the Sunday obligation. Italy has the second-highest number of mortalities from the virus after China, with 2,503 deaths as of March 17.

The Italian episcopate’s decision, taken on the same day as a government decree banning all civil and religious ceremonies, including funerals, is to last at least until April 3. Like most dioceses, the ruling was based partly on reports of the virus’ highly contagious nature, it’s relatively high mortality rate, and that people can be carriers without realizing it.  …

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