Dispatch from the March for Life: Liberalism, the Original Sin, by Timothy Flanders

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January 21, 2022
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January 21, 2022

Photo by Kip Williams on Unsplash.

By Timothy Flanders, Editor, OnePeterFive, January 20, 2022 

Timothy Flanders is the editor of OnePeterFive. He is the author of City of God versus City of Man: The Battles of the Church from Antiquity to the Present and Introduction to the Holy Bible for Traditional Catholics. His writings have appeared at OnePeterFive and Crisis, as well as in Catholic Family News. …


One of three side altars.

We arrived last night at around 1:00am and crashed for a few hours after a 12 hours bus trip. This morning we heard Mass at St. Mary, Mother of God parish in Washington, DC. The beautiful church was built by our German forbears in the 19th century and – thank God – seems to have survived the Iconoclasm of the 60s and 70s.

How did they survive it? I wondered. Maybe it was that militant German spirit which was fighting against Liberalism in the German states in the 19th century. After the Kulturkampf targeted Catholics following Vatican I, many German Catholics fled to these United States. At that time the great Hugo Klapproth was publishing Der Wanderer and – like Pius X’s “model layman,” Louis Veuillot – was admonishing the Irish Bishops for their Liberalism, the form which was eventually condemned as “Americanism” by Leo XIII.  ….