Do You Really Believe Jesus Rose From the Dead? by Jennifer Roback Morse

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Johan Ludwig Lund (1777-1867), “The Resurrection of Christ”. (photo: Public Domain)

COMMENTARY: We must be willing to affirm, without hesitation or compromise the historic truth of the Resurrection.

By Jennifer Roback Morse, EWTN News, February 19, 2021

Jennifer Roback Morse“These are the times that try men’s souls.” Actually, these times try the souls of women and men, especially people of faith.

This current historical moment presents this challenge: Do we really believe in the truths of the faith? Let me be specific: Do we really believe Jesus rose from the dead? And what difference does it make whether we do?

It is a historic fact that Jesus of Nazareth died. He was executed by the Romans in the very public, very thorough manner for which they were well-known. There is no doubt about the death of Jesus.

On the third day after his death, people began to claim that they had seen him alive. This was not a matter of one person making a private, unconfirmed assertion. Rather, whole groups of people alleged that they had all seen him at the same time. They contended that they touched him, spoke with him and saw him consume food. …

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