‘Dobbs’ and the Conservative Legal Movement, by Gerard V. Bradley

Woke Got What It Wanted—and Then What? by Victor Davis Hanson
December 9, 2021
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December 9, 2021

COMMENTARY: If ‘Dobbs’ is decided following the ‘neutral principles’ of constitutional interpretation, it would not mean the end of abortion, or even the beginning of the end of it. ‘Dobbs’ would instead be the start of a whole new phase of the political struggle over abortion. Yet the Constitution requires more.

By Gerard V. Bradley, EWTN News, December 7, 2021

Gerard V. Bradley
Whenever former Attorney General Edwin Meese says something about the conservative legal movement in the United States, it is time to sit up and listen.

One reason is that Meese, who served as President Ronald Reagan’s attorney general from 1985 to 1988, founded that movement four decades ago, along with Antonin Scalia, Robert Bork and William Rehnquist. Meese has been a stalwart of the project ever since.

Another reason is that the “conservative legal movement,” borne now most conspicuously by the Federalist Society, is the dominant force in American constitutional law. To understand it is largely to understand what our law is and where it is going. No one is better suited to guide our understanding than Ed Meese. …

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