Doomscrolling Past Christ, by Darrick Taylor

Agreement to Undermine U.S. Sovereignty, by Paul Murano
May 23, 2022
Stunning. Wuhan Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year – Published Research Report in International Journal in February
May 23, 2022

[Photo Credit: Unsplash]

By Darrick Taylor, Crisis Magazeine, May 23, 2022

Darrick Taylor teaches history at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.

This past Lent, I refrained from logging on to Twitter, allowing myself to do so only on Sundays and only then for limited reasons. I plan to continue this in the future. For a long time, Twitter had become a favorite pastime of mine. Twitter is full of mental sewage, but I have also connected to like-minded people on that platform, and I generally find the kind of inane discourse that characterizes it entertaining. But it is very compulsive; the word “doomscrolling” is a perfect encapsulation of a terrible habit. …

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