Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID ‘Narrative Has Crumbled’, by Art Moore (Watch)

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January 15, 2022
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January 17, 2022

Dr. Peter McCullough... the vaccines are still "research."

‘The vaccines should be pulled off the market, they clearly are not solving the problem’

Art Moore

Dr. Peter McCullough – a renowned cardiologist and highly published medical scientist whose confrontation of the government’s COVID-19 policies has drawn more than 40 million views on Joe Rogan’s podcast – told WND in a video interview Thursday night the official pandemic narrative that has been fiercely guarded by establishment media and social-media censors is “completely crumbling.”

That narrative, he said, included “false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn’t work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed.”

“And now here we are, almost in complete free fall,” McCullough said, referring to the record number of COVID-19 cases as officials acknowledge the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission. …

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