EDITORIAL: Losing a Legacy? Assessing the John Paul II Institute Controversy

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August 10, 2019
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Pope St. John Paul statue

EDITORIAL: Recent events have thrown the future of the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences into theological confusion.

By The Editors, National Catholic Register, 8/9/19

More than a half-century ago, as Europe struggled to recover from the deep wounds inflicted by the Second World War and Adolf Hitler’s campaign to exterminate the Jewish people and other “undesirables,” a Polish Catholic philosopher grappled with man’s capacity to choose good over evil.

Studying the Scriptures, he found hope in the Genesis story of the human person’s creation in “the image and likeness of God” and in Gospel passages where Jesus says he has come to restore that original divine image, after Adam and Eve’s disobedience and exile from Paradise.

“From the mystery of his own Being,” God created the human person, and we are called to “live a life similar to that of God,” wrote the Polish philosopher in 1978, shortly after he became Pope John Paul II, in one of his scriptural meditations that are now known as the theology of the body.

Pope St. John Paul II explored how men and women, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, fortified by the grace of the sacraments and the wisdom of the moral law, are capable of making God’s love and mercy visible in marriage, sexuality, family life and the culture. ….

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