En.News: Francis Turns Church Into Protestant Denomination

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By EN.News, Jan. 13, 2019

Pope Francis is giving authority to individual bishops and Bishops’ Conferences, Cardinal Raymond Burke has noticed, “But this is not the Catholic Church.”

Talking to TheWandererPress.com (January 10), Burke points out that the fluid concept of synodality is relativizing the papal office and therefore constitutes “a principle of rupture rather than a development of doctrine”.

According to the cardinal, Francis uses synodality to advance a “revolution” turning the Church into a denomination with multiplying divisions and principles akin to those put in force by the Protestant Reformers come into play.

As an example Burke points out that the Church may not have the same teachings and disciplines with regard to the Eucharist or marriage from one nation to another.

Francis’ agreement with the Chinese regime Burke calls a “repudiation of generations of martyrs and confessors of the Faith”.

He further called homosexual fornication “disordered” stating that a part of the U.S. bishops is pushing for the acceptance of homosexuality and is “not coherent with the Church on these issues” [and therefore is heretical].

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