Euthanasia: Killing People for Their Body Parts, by Charlie Butts

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By Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow, October 17, 2018

One of America’s leading ethicists is issuing another warning about what happens when doctor assisted suicide is legalized.

The New England Journal of Medicine has published an article suggesting the dead donor rule, which requires a person to be deceased before harvesting organs for transplant. This could get in the way of patient desires.

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Wesley Smith opposes the dead donor rule, arguing that it turns medical organ harvesters into executioners.

“It turns one of our great healing medical specialties, if it was ever implemented,” Smith pointed out. “And I want to emphasize that it has not yet been implemented – but it would turn one of our great healing specialties into a killing specialty.”

This is not a fantasy because it is already a reality.

Smith told OneNewsNow that it is currently being done in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

For example, this includes a completely healthy, but mentally ill, patient who does not want to live – and is killed by doctors who then harvest the organs.

One case of such euthanizing includes a patient in Canada, whose organs were then taken.

“This is where the euthanasia movement leads to a complete disrespect for human life, and [this is] a utilitarian view of the human being – as in certain circumstances –  [being] nothing but an organ farm,” Smith contended.

The senior fellow also stressed that the only way to stop such slippery slopes is to not legalize euthanasia to begin with.

Smith takes issue with The New England Journal of Medicine for publishing the paper without any critique or debate from other authors.