Everything You Need to Know About BlackRock, the Company That Owns the World, by Andreas Wailzer

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The giant investment company’s global influence on politics and economics is enormous.

By Andreas Wailzer, LifeSiteNews, Apr 12, 2023

The investment giant is pushing woke politics in the form of corporate social credit scores (ESG), which includes the dangerous “net zero” and LGBT agenda. BlackRock is also responsible for rigging the financial systems and has control over a significant portion of the world’s wealth.

In order to fight back, we need to know what we are dealing with. In this article, we take a deep dive into the history, current business practices, and plans of the globalist behemoth known as BlackRock.

The history of BlackRock and its founder

As of early 2022, BlackRock Inc. had around $10 trillion in assets under its management, making it the largest asset manager in the world. Blackrock holds a significant number of shares in most of the largest corporations in the world, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Coca-Cola, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobil, Visa, Chevron, JPMorgan Chase, Walmart, and many more. …