EWTN: 10 Spiritual Counsels in a Time of Coronavirus

The Other Pathogen: Power-Seeking Politicians, by Terence P. Jeffrey
April 1, 2020
5th Circuit Allows Texas to Ban Abortions, Saving Babies and Helping Coronavirus Patients, by Steven Ertelt
April 1, 2020

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“Consolation must now be everyone’s commitment.”

By Guest Writers, EWTN News, 3/31/20

1. This trial is a spiritual opportunity. Many holy men and women found God more deeply in time of loss, pain and struggle. Live this time as a special opportunity for spiritual growth.

2. These days teach us that we are not in control, and that God is — a powerful and healing lesson for all of life (Matthew 5:3).

3. This time, with busyness reduced, offers a priceless opportunity to reflect on our lives — why we are here, what matters most, the people in our lives. Reflect in this way. It will pay rich dividends.

4. These weeks may offer increased time to be with others — our spouses, children, parents and other important people in our lives. Spend more time with them, and the relationships that matter most in your life will be blessed.  ….

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