EWTN Executive Dan Burke Follows God’s Will ‘Into the Deep’, by Patti Armstrong

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January 29, 2020
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January 29, 2020

Dan Burke (EWTN )

A look at his tenure in Catholic media and his future with the Avila Institute.

By Patti Armstrong, National Catholic Register, 1/28/20

Patti Armstrong writes from North Dakota.

Dan Burke announced his resignation as president and chief operating officer of EWTN News on Jan. 7. He explained that it was with some sorrow that he was leaving and that it had been an honor to serve the Church through the National Catholic Register since 2008 and EWTN since 2011. He also stated, “In our time, Mother Angelica, EWTN and EWTN News have done more to faithfully advance truth in the Church than any other institution other than the Church itself.”

In an interview with Register correspondent Patti Armstrong, Burke explained the reason for his resignation, his plans for the future and his views on what is needed most in the Church right now.

The announcement of your resignation took many by surprise. Why are you leaving?

I believe it is God’s will for me. My discernment has been heavily influenced by my declining health. I have had health issues my whole life, and I suffer with chronic lung disease that is life-threatening. If I didn’t play injured, I wouldn’t have played at all, so I never let it determine the course of my life. But the most recent battle has been different. I have been hospitalized a lot in the last three years.  ….

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