Socialism Has Been Condemned For 20 Centuries, by John Clark (From the Archives)

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Graffiti praising socialist dictator Hugo Chávez is seen on a house in Maracaibo, Venezuela. The International Monetary Fund projects that Venezuela’s inflation rate will hit 1,000,000 percent in 2018.

One would be hard-pressed to find an error that has been condemned more often, more strongly, by more popes, for more serious reasons, than socialism.

By John Clark, EWTN News, 10/17/18

Recently in America magazine, there appeared an article titled, “Yes, democratic socialism is compatible with Catholic social teaching.” While it may be exasperating to see pro-socialism columns like these appear again and again, it’s not surprising. As it turns out, the core philosophy we now call “socialism” has been one of the most persistent errors in Church history.

While the word “socialism” only found its way into common parlance in the 19th century, its underlying philosophy dates back several millennia. Though it has taken different forms over time, the constant and most identifiable thread of socialism—from the ancient Greeks to the present day—has been the denial of man’s natural law right to private property. Thus, being a great defender of private property rights, the Catholic Church and her saints have found the need to speak out against socialistic theories since her infancy.  ….

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