EWTN: Senator Jekyll and President Hyde

Saint of the Day for June 12: Blessed Jolenta of Poland
June 12, 2021
Daily Scripture Readings and Meditation: Let What You Say Be Simply Yes or No
June 12, 2021

EDITORIAL: Which persona will Biden adopt when his budget is addressed by Congress?

Now that President Joe Biden has submitted his 2022 budget to Congress without the inclusion of Hyde Amendment language that sharply restricts federal taxpayers’ funding of abortion, his pro-abortion presidential credentials are established beyond any dispute.

This means that all Catholics are left to hope for, in terms of any faint residual fidelity to Church teachings on abortion Biden may have, is the possibility that he might avoid pressuring the trio of Catholic Democratic U.S. senators who still support the amendment to endorse his own egregious failure to respect religious freedom and pro-life Americans. …

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