Explosion in Mandatory Masking Isn’t Driven by Science, but Fear, by Steve Jalsevac

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You will be shocked by many of the revelations in this report that your usual information sources are not telling you.

By Steve Jalsevac, LifeSiteNews,
July 27, 2020

Steve is the co-founder and managing director of LifeSiteNews.com. 

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Steve JalsevacJuly 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – This is a detailed report meant to provide you with comprehensive, helpful, alternative information about what is currently the most talked about subject in the news and in family discussions – mandatory or voluntary mask-wearing regulations, whether or not masks are really useful in preventing COVID infections and how masking has suddenly become a major factor in our daily living. You will be shocked by many of the revelations in this report that your usual information sources are not telling you.

Below are the main sub-headings. You may want to go ahead to one or more sections of special interest. However, they are all connected and you will not understand the full picture of mandatory masking policies until you read them all. In the end, context is everything in understanding masking and the coronavirus.

Part I (July 27)

  • What is truth and what is the agenda or agendas?

  • All of a sudden masks are crucial

  • Democrats demand masks

  • The statistics used to justify new mask and lockdown policies

  • Media manipulation of COVID numbers 

  • The importance of herd immunity

Part II (July 30)

  • Crucial national, globalist context

  • Masks and fear

  • Daily encounters with fearful masked runners, riders, walkers

  • Contradictory information from experts

  • Health agency negligence on giving advice for strengthening immune system 

  • Thousands of lives lost because of suppression of very effective treatments

  • Children, schools, COVID-19 and masks

  • Medical information on mask effectiveness

  • End Note

This article is not going to make me more friends. Some of you will undoubtedly be upset, no matter how many physicians, scientists and solid data I present below. That trend seems to be occurring because those following mask-wearing directives tend to be personally affronted and even angry that anyone would dare imply that their heroic, uncomfortable mask-wearing might not only not be necessary most of the time, but also that their long periods of mask-wearing could even be harming them. They do not want to hear that.

It is also not good enough that the article accepts that there are legitimate situations for mask-wearing that might limit coronavirus infection and that I am not denying that the virus is indeed dangerous for particular persons and that I am not telling you to not wear a mask.  ….

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