Expressing Charity Toward Difficult Family, by Jeannie Ewing

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November 16, 2022
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By Jeannie Ewing, Catholic Exchange, Nov. 15, 2022

Jeannie Ewing is a Catholic spirituality writer and national inspirational speaker. Among her eight books, From Grief to Grace: The Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, is her most popular. She is a frequent guest on podcasts, radio shows, and has appeared on EWTN, CatholicTV, and ShalomWorld. Her deepest desire is to accompany those who suffer and are lonely.

We all have them – an obnoxious uncle, a cousin without a verbal filter, a parent who’s an enabler, a sibling who can’t let go of that grudge from ten years ago. Family dynamics are among the most complicated relationships we will experience in our lives. Some of us want to keep the holidays as they were when we grew up, which means maintaining peace at all costs and being around people who might activate our frustration or push political buttons.

For others, the holidays are foreboding seasons that weigh upon their hearts with difficult decisions about who, or even whether, to see this year. Most of us don’t want to hurt or disappoint our families of origin, but we may be in a fragile emotional state right now. That’s important to acknowledge, too. …

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