Fatherhood, a Call to Heroism, by Patti Maguire Armstrong

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June 20, 2022
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Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

Heroes rise to the occasion under many circumstances, but fatherhood itself is a call to heroism, say Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and leaders of Catholic men’s ministries.

Patti Maguire ArmstrongDuring the horror of yet another school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, last month, there arose a stark contrast. A troubled young man raised without a father ended many lives while a husband and father rushed into the school ahead of police to save lives. Off duty, Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado was in the neighborhood at the barber shop when his wife, who is a teacher at the school, texted: “There’s an active shooter. Help. I love you.” Their daughter was also in the school.

Albarado, armed with the barber’s shotgun, entered the building and began clearing classrooms. “I wasn’t just trying to save my child. I was trying to get as many people out of there as I could,” he later recalled. …