Fear Not: 2020 Will Be Even Stupider Than 2019, by John Zmirak

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December 31, 2019
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By John Zmirak, Church Militant, December 31, 2019 

John Zmirak offers predictions for the new year

Sometimes I hate being right. Veteran readers will remember that to mark the beginning of 2019 I ventured a theory. Namely that current events in recent years had ceased to reflect the decisions of rational, free human beings. Nor their hopes and dreams, or even irrational fears. Instead we had only two choices to explain how bizarre the headlines were proving in church and state. Either:

  1. We’re being driven by demons, like Gadarene swine or Dostoevsky characters, over the cliff. Or:

  2. Our headlines are mysteriously fulfilling the wildest prophecies of apocalyptic scribblers whose self-published books were sold exclusively at gun shows. Hence the Gunshow Apocalyptic Novel Insanity (GANI) Co-efficient.

I still can’t decide which is right. But A) is too depressing for me to write about. Already in 2019, Catholics were treated to warnings by a group of exorcists (now there’s a convention it wouldn’t be fun to cater) of a demonic invasion of our Church’s highest reaches. Even I can’t get a light-hearted end of year column out of that.  ….


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