Fearing Death Is for the Pagans, by Raymond Dansereau

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April 7, 2022
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April 8, 2022

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By Raymond Dansereau, Crisis Magazine, April 7, 2022

Raymond Dansereau is a husband and father of five, a high school history teacher, and co-editor of Gaudium Magazine.

As the Covid pandemic gradually recedes into endemicity, it is time—actually long past time—to reflect on some of the lessons of the last two years. One element that would have been most shocking to previous generations is how drastically we rearranged our society—school closures, business closures, mandate piled on mandate—over our fear of death.

In nearly every human culture, death has always had an element of the uncanny to it. On one hand, it is a normal part of our experience; every one of us will experience it at some point. According to Christian belief, even God Himself did so. Yet, for something so normal, it remains, in a sense, unnatural, uncanny, and even dreadful. This sense of dread is even worse when a people have no hope for what comes after.   …

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