Fed-Up Public Confronting Far-Left Mobs, and Everybody Has a Gun, by Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl

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May 11, 2021
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May 11, 2021

By Billy Davis, Steve Jordahl, OneNewsNow, May 10, 2021

An armed public is shouting back at Black Lives Matter protesters, who are now marching with rifles and pistols, and a longtime law enforcement officer says it’s only a matter of time until things go south.

It is nothing new for a local news anchor to report BLM protesters illegally blocked a city intersection, or a YouTube video shows white diners being harassed to support the movement, but the radical group’s in-your-face tactics have grown more dangerous in recent weeks after BLM marchers have been seen with handguns in holsters and semi-auto rifles dangling around their necks.

On the day of the Kentucky Derby, BLM protesters in Louisville were marching toward Churchill Downs when they confronted diners at La Chasse, an upscale restaurant. It was outside the restaurant that an armed customer produced a small-caliber pistol, and the already-tense scene went wild because one of the protesters, standing just feet away, was armed with an AR-15 rifle. …

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