Federal Court Upholds Missouri Law Confirming Human Life Begins at Conception, by Micaiah Bilger

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June 11, 2020
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June 11, 2020

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, June 10, 2020

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – States may inform women that life begins at conception before they go through with an abortion, a federal appeals court said this week.

The case — a victory for pro-life advocates, unborn babies and mothers — involves a Missouri informed consent law and a challenge by “Judy Doe,” a member of the Satanic Temple. Doe claimed the law violated her religious freedom because she does not believe that “the life of each human being begins at conception.”

That information is included in the Missouri informed consent booklet, which abortion facilities must offer women prior to an abortion.

On Wednesday, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Doe’s case and allowed the law to stand.  …

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