Fr. Paul John Kalchik: Follow St. Joseph in Spiritual Discretion

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May 6, 2021
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May 7, 2021

By Fr. Paul John Kalchik, Church Militant, May 5, 2021

Carefully guard hidden truths

Loads have been written about St. Joseph that discuss at length his humility and his holiness as the foster father of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary’s spouse. But lamentably, little has been written about St. Joseph’s discretion — that is, his keeping close to his heart throughout his entire life what God was doing through his “adopted” Son, Jesus Our Lord, and through his wife, the Blessed Mother Mary.

Most of us have been charged at one time or another with the responsibility of keeping to ourselves a secret or two. But St. Joseph was given this charge by God, the Holy Spirit, for his entire life. Imagine being told by God Himself that you would be given the great privilege of being the “foster father” of His very own Son, and then you could not tell this to even your closest friend. I, for one, as a man being naturally chatty, would probably not have been able to do this without a slip-up or two to the detriment of the charge. ….

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