Former Democrat Mayor of Arizona City Sentenced to Jail for Ballot Harvesting in 2020 Primary, by Matt Lamb

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October 17, 2022
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Guillermina Fuentes Arizona Attorney General's Office

Guillermina Fuentes faced other allegations of election fraud.

PHOENIX (LifeSiteNews) — A judge sentenced former Democratic mayor Guillermina Fuentes to 30 days in prison for ballot harvesting during the August 2020 primary election.

“Fuentes this week received a 30-day sentence for that crime, as well as two years’ worth of probation,” Just the News reported.

“Fuentes collected the four completed mail ballots from acquaintances in the city of San Luis, and gave them to co-defendant Alma Juarez while working a table outside a polling place where she was urging people to vote for a slate of city council candidates,” the Associated Press reported. “Juarez carried them inside and put them in a ballot drop-off bin. Election officials in Yuma County confirmed that the ballots were legitimate and the mail-ballot envelopes were signed by qualified voters, so they were counted.” …

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