Four Steps to Prepare a Young Man for Marriage, by Donald DeMarco 

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February 13, 2023
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February 13, 2023


COMMENTARY: Marriage, especially in the Catholic sense, is an institution created by God. Therefore, it takes three to get married.

Donald DeMarcoThe current divorce rate in the United States is the third highest in the world, higher than any country in Europe.

In more concrete terms, approximately 630,000 divorces took place in 2020. This means that 1,260,000 individuals were divorced in that same year. These figures do not include those who were separated in the year 2020.

The goal of marriage, of course, is not merely to avoid divorce, but to create a loving, productive union of a man and a woman. One factor that stands in the way of a good marriage is inadequate preparation. This article calls attention to the kind of preparation that a man needs in order to enter into a successful marriage. …

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