Fr. Bryan Stitt: He Will Not Leave Us Orphans

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May 24, 2022
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By Fr. Bryan Stitt, Catholic Exchange, May 24, 2022

Father Bryan Stitt has been the pastor of St. Mary’s in Canton, New York since June of 2017. He was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Ogdensburg in 2003. …

What do Oliver Twist, Annie, and the children from Les Miserables all have in common? The same with Snow White and Heidi. For that matter, also Batman and Spiderman and Superman. Orphans, one and all. Literature and cinema are filled to the brim with them. We love the stories about them because they, in their lives, live in the midst of our fear. It is a reality most all of us have to face eventually, whether we are 7 or 77, most of us face a life without parents. Some face that sad reality long before their parents breathe their last. And even more experience a similar angst when they reflect on not having biological descendants.

For each of us, in our hearts, fears the isolation of losing our story.  …

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