Fr. Bryce Lungren: Becoming a Real Man of God

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March 28, 2023
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March 29, 2023

True manhood is not found in comparison to my fellow man, it is found in being a child of God the Father.

By Fr. Bryce Lungren, Crisis Magazine, March 28, 2023

Fr. Bryce Lungren was blessed to grow up in a family with deep Wyoming roots. After graduating high school in Worland, WY in 1998, he moved to Montana where he worked in the world and grew in his Catholic faith. ….

Fr. Bryce Lungren

If I were to summarize my adolescence into one phrase, it would be: “Hold my beer and watch this!” Adolescence is a time of discovery but also a time of insecurity. For me, and many men like me, the easiest way to deal with insecurity is through bravado. If I can convince others that I am tough and cool, then eventually I’ll believe it too.

However, bravado and the like are seeking love in all the wrong places. It is trying to place my identity and worth in the opinions of others. This can work here and there, but eventually my fortress will collapse and fall because of the shifting sand that it’s set upon. …

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