Fr. Chad Ripperger Names *The* Crisis of Our Times–Too Many Men Are Effeminate (Watch)

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Posted by Fr Richard Heilman, October 15, 2016

I am one of those who believes the greatest crisis afflicting the culture, and the Church, is the utter collapse of male responsibility and leadership. Too many men simply fail to perform the duties their vocations require. In fact, it seems as each generation comes around, this problem only grows worse and worse.

Almost half of all babies born in the United States are born to women without husbands, and millions of babies do not survive the womb, so men – in particular – can satisfy their base carnal desires with, in their minds, no consequences. This is one example of the crisis … there are myriad more.

In this monumental lecture, Fr. Chad Ripperger tears off the veil concealing the greatest tragedy facing civilization … Men are being conditioned to be effeminate wimps. And, before any man shrugs this off as not applying to them, listen to what Fr. Ripperger points to as signs of effeminacy in men … this is eye-opening!

I challenge all men (women too) to take the time to listen to this monumental lecture. Let’s begin the discussion and take the steps to restore authentic masculinity in men.

The Q&A session is excellent too: