Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Ten Reasons Why People of Faith Cope With a Crisis

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March 16, 2020
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By Fr. Dwight Longenecker, The Stream, March 16, 2020

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You can bank on it. People of faith cope better in a crisis than those without. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. People of faith believe in a higher purpose. Instead of focussing only on material possessions, pleasure and accomplishments, they try to live for something and someone greater. This helps them put everything in perspective and helps them keep calm when trouble comes.

  2. People of faith believe in community and family. Having support in times of crisis is super important. A person who has a strong network of family, friends and a faith community receives the help, support, confidence and unity that family and a faith community provides.

  3. People of faith help others. Not only does the person of faith receive support from the relationships they have built, they also give support to others and that helps everyone cope in times of crisis. Part of the deal when you receive the gift of faith is to care for others, and to sacrifice oneself to help and assist those less fortunate. Helping others always helps us cope with a crisis because we share the burden.  ….

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