Fr. Francesco Giordano: Separation, Distinction, and Unity: On the Nature of Man and Woman

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By Fr. Francesco Giordano, STD, Catholic Exchange, July 9, 2024

Fr. Francesco Giordano, STD is Director of Human Life International’s Rome Office and a diocesan priest and professor in Rome, Italy, currently teaching at both the Angelicum and The Catholic University of America.

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part reflection.


Avatar photoAs I was reflecting on Genesis 1:26-31 in the Holy Land recently, I thought of the nature of man, a stable datum that is being challenged today. Nature sets limits, as does God the Father. When He creates, He separates.

God’s first creative act was to erect boundaries, limits. God separates light from darkness, the waters above from those below. He also put limits that separate the waters from the land, the day from the night, the Sabbath from workdays, human beings from animals, and men from women. God blessed all of them and declared them “good.”

Being and the moral act come together from the start. God is being, and His goodness flows from Him for all eternity, i.e. the so-called bonum diffusivum sui. God is Father, and like any father, He is generous but puts limits. …

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