Fr. George Rutler: Feeling Abandoned?

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April 6, 2020
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"Agony in the Garden": Jesus prays while the disciples sleep and Judas leads the mob, by Andrea Mantegna, c. 1460

By Fr. George Rutler, Church Militant, April 5, 2020

Holy Week finds its meaning in banishing darkness

Father George W. Rutler is pastor of St. Michael the Archangel Church in the archdiocese of New York. His Sunday homilies are archived. …

The term “parochial” is frequently used in a condescending sense, but no one today can get away with thinking that to be parochial is to be isolated from reality. As I write, the Navy hospital ship “Comfort,” last seen here on the Hudson River after the World Trade Center horror, is passing by our rectory windows. The convention center nearby, usually home to flower and boat shows, is being converted into a huge emergency hospital.

This is how we approach the start of the Holy Week, in which the faithful observe the most important thing that ever happened since the world was created. With powerful shock this Lent, mortifications have been imposed by circumstances beyond human control and not chosen by the exercise of free will. Now the Passion will be more powerful because the gates of the temple are closed.  ….

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