Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: Reason Without the Search for Faith is Insanity

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October 6, 2022
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October 7, 2022

*Image: Faith and Reason United by Ludwig Seitz, c. 1887 [Galleria dei Candelabri, Vatican Museum]. The Latin quotation (“the splendor of divine truths, received into the mind, helps understanding”) comes from Aeterni Patris (1879), the encyclical of Pope Leo XIII that promoted the revival of Scholastic philosophy, especially the work of St. Thomas Aquinas.

By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, Catholic Culture, Oct 04, 2022

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky is a priest of the Diocese of Arlington who has also served as a financial administrator in the Diocese of Lincoln. Trained in business and accounting, he also holds a Master of Divinity and a Master’s in moral theology. ..


Faith is reasonable but ultimately beyond the reach of human reason. Faith is a supernatural virtue helping us by grace to accept Revelation because of the authority of God Himself, Who can neither deceive nor be deceived (cf. Vatican I, 3.2)

Many suggest that the elimination of faith liberates human reason to overcome personal and social problems, unencumbered by religious superstition. But the rejection of Christian belief is a demonstrable bitter failure. The repudiation has suppressed the proper exercise of reason and has compounded human misery. …

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