Fr. Jerry Pokorsky: Remedies for Discouragement

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August 4, 2020
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By Fr. Jerry Pokorsky, Catholic Culture, August 03, 2020

Fr. Jerry Pokorsky is a priest of the Diocese of Arlington who has also served as a financial administrator in the Diocese of Lincoln.  …

Discouragement is a form of anger, the result of chronic suffering or its prospect, real or imagined. We’re often discouraged because of deep-seated personal problems, family difficulties, political turmoil, fear of the future, and so on. We look for easy answers, but answers usually don’t come easily. Of course, the remedy for discouragement is the practice of the Catholic faith. But what are the practical measures we can take? Here are a few tips for your consideration:

Show up. Upon hearing of the death of John the Baptist, Jesus retired to a deserted place presumably to grieve for his cousin. But He didn’t allow his grief to distract Him from his duties. It fueled his compassion: He readily responded to the crowds who sought Him for healing, followed by the great miracle of the multiplication of the loaves. The same can be true for us in times of grief. Amid sorrow, we often find ourselves capable of extraordinary generosity, accomplishing duties in ways that later astound us.  ….