Fr. John Zuhlsdorf: His Passion and His Victory

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April 14, 2022
Msgr. Charles Pope: What was the Lord Doing on Thursday of Holy Week?
April 14, 2022

Agony in the Garden

By Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, OnePeterFive, April 9, 2022 

Convert from Lutheranism, ordained to the priesthood in 1991 by St. John Paul II in Rome for the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni. Classics at University of Minnesota.  …


Fr. John ZuhlsdorfEver since we set out on our spiritual journey on pre-Lent Septuagesima Sunday, step by step we have approached Holy Week. While a measure of weariness might distress us as we slog along the paths of penance and discipline, of self-denial and self-examination, our hearts rise because we draw nearer to the goal of victory and Easter glory. Let us enter this last time of trial and transformation, the four days remaining in Passiontide and the last three, their own set, the Sacred Triduum.

As Christ entered Jerusalem through a gate riding on an ass, so too you can enter Holy Week with some of my poor comments.

Remember context always. For months the Scribes and Pharisees became more and more hostile toward the Lord, who moved the people to belief through miracles and teaching with genuine authority. …

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