Fr. Joseph Illo: A Ban on the Latin Mass?

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June 28, 2024
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By Fr. Joseph Illo, Star of the Sea Parish, San Francisco, CA, June 26, 2024

PictureRumors are rife in Rome that the Vatican may further restrict the traditional Latin Mass, perhaps even banning diocesan priests from ever celebrating the older form of the Mass with their people. Religious institutes that have been founded to celebrate the traditional Mass will most likely continue enjoying that privilege, but such a ban would be a bit merciless for my parish. The Archbishop asked my predecessor to offer the more ancient forms of Catholic worship, and over the last 12 years Star of the Sea folks have become quite edified by the riches of the 1962 missal. What may this mean for my community? First, it must be said that the good Lord will always provide a means for us to worship Him as the Father desires, “in spirit and in truth.” We must strengthen our faith in His providence as the Church undergoes persecution from without and perfidy from within. …

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