Fr. Michael Orsi: The Risen Jesus is the Enemy of Totalitarianism

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April 26, 2021
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Sisto Badalocchio (1585-1647), “The Resurrection of Christ” (photo: Public Domain)

Let’s not be afraid to proclaim the truth — to make our case for the extraordinary event of resurrection.

A priest of the Diocese of Camden, New Jersey, Father Michael P. Orsi currently serves as parochial vicar at St. Agnes Parish in Naples, Florida. He is host of “Action for Life TV,” a weekly cable television series devoted to pro-life issues, and his writings appear in numerous publications and online journals.

One of the most pressing concerns of the Gospel writers was to make a convincing case that the resurrection was real — that Jesus had, in fact, risen from the dead.

Skepticism would have been the most common reaction to this extraordinary event. We know, for instance, that even one of the Apostles, Thomas, expressed doubt when told of it by his fellows.

In creating a written account, it was necessary to provide some specific details — for instance, how Thomas’ doubts were dispelled not just by seeing the risen Lord, but by touching him. We’re also told that Jesus consumed food (specifically a cooked fish) after the resurrection, surely something no ghost or apparition would do. Such tangible points are amplified by the words of witnesses, like those who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus and reported they recognized him only after he broke bread. …

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